Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UNITYYYYYYYYYY! *Rick James voice*

So I co-chaired NPHC’s Unity Weekend 2011, which is the culmination of year-long planning and a celebration of you guessed it: UNITY amongst all 9 of the Black Greek lettered organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, that also operate under the moniker, the DIVINE 9.
We kicked off the weekend Friday night with Divine Skate 3, the third crack at a skate night at Waukesha Skateland.  Folks came out but not as many as I thought.   It's probably time to retire that event, I suppose.  I don’t skate (stopped after age 9 when I nearly cracked my head in on a field trip) so I was not that excited about that aspect, but I definitely wanted to see my fellow Greeks. The theme was to wear attire that represented what number you represent in your organization and since I’m part of the illustrious force that are the QUADs (#4s) I had to rock yellow.  It was cool to step out of my color box for a couple hours but I took that shirt off with the quickness when I got home. LOL
The Unity Cookout at Lake Park was Saturday and aside from the rain that drowned us out from the beginning hours until about 1:45, it was a nice turnout!  All 9 Greek orgs were represented at the park! I am too proud of us!  We had the Iotas grilling, the infamous moving van called the Q-Haul, a bright gold moving truck, and some so sweet desserts from the Zetas! The highlights in my opinion were the Greek Roll Call and everybody getting on the makeshift stage to do the Wobble! The Ques were deep and ready to hop, too... I'm sad we didn't have a stroll competition.
Now the after party this year to raise scholarship funds was appropriately called THE AFTERPARTY and it took place at the Aloft Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.  The space was eh… modest, but we had it until midnight and access to all the hot spots in the hotel like the patio, the WXYZ Lounge.  It was looking sad til about 10:30 then people were coming from everywhere nonstop, even after11:30 guests were still arriving AND paying knowing we stopped at midnight.  That room got packed and DJ Mike Love rocked it as usual.  Shoutout to the Alphas and SGRho's coming out deep.  All the young Greeks strolling had me reminiscing… I did get out there myself a couple of times. ;)  I deem it a very solid night for NPHC because once again EVERY org was represented!! I love it and it's definitely a mark of what’s to come for the year!
SERVE60’s 2nd Sundays at the Lake occurred the next day and NPHC agreed to attend and volunteer to wrap up the weekend! The goal was to try something different than us barely making it to someone’s church after partying the night before and it certainly was a nice change. Sunday’s beautiful weather coupled with local gospel talent made it a good time!
NPHC- all I have to say is, in words of the Five Heartbeats,
“I’ve got nothing but love for you baby!”
3’s UP!

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