Friday, November 11, 2011

Dwele is coming, yall!

Okay, this is MAJOR! I can no longer contain my excitement.  It has been FOUR LONG YEARS since Andwele Gardner better known as the stage name DWELE has visited our beloved city and I am uber excited. 

He came to Milwaukee for African World Festival in '07 and I was front and center.  He will be at Gene's Lanes and Lounge on 6315 W Fond Du Lac Avenue.  I was sort of confused at it being at Gene's too... Why Gene's Lanes, you ask?  It's probably because Jammin 98.3 has something to do with it and that's a preferred venue of theirs.  Thursday, December 8th is the date and your girl will try her damnednest to get an autograph, picture, lock of hair.. something! 

I will keep all my fellow adoring Dwele fans updated about ticket sales and the time of his appearance and what type of show this will be.

Stay tuned!!!

3's UP!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The NETWORKING side of a Socialite

As a socialite, I absolutely need to stay abreast of community happenings and NETWORK.  It is vital.
I was invited by the wonderful Jasmine Johnson and attended with much eagerness the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Milwaukee Chapter’s (NCBW) first part of its three part panel series, “The Un’Corked Truth.”  This event took place at Vino 100 (a quaint wine lounge which you should definitely check out in Wauwatosa).
NCBW kicked off the series with “The Cost of Doing Business as an African-American Woman, “THE PERCEPTION EDITION.”  Black women panelists offered frank discussion not only about the challenges our gender encounters regularly in the workplace but shared personal testimonies of triumph resulting from hard work and acceptance and assertion of your strengths and character.  The awesome Genyne Edwards notably of MOSAIC and Cardinal Stritch’s African American Leadership Program; Gwen Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources at Assurant Health and Dr. Debi Miller, President and CEO of Global Communications Strategists presented engaging insight as panelists that definitely has me excited for the next edition.  “Get there early to relax… There is great comfort in just being in the moment … then you are clear and crisp,” Edwards shared with us regarding important meetings.  Dr. Miller pointed out, “Sometimes we’re our own baggage… we undervalue OURSELVES.” She encouraged that allies and lobbying encourages people to have a conversation about your skills OUTSIDE of meetings.
Afterward, I was able to network with some of Milwaukee’s most talented, career-established women that belong to the NCBW chapter.  I met Faithe Colas of  Black Nouveau and the Salvation Army and told her of my aspirations to become a successful event planner.  I was in awe because I check her out on public television all the time and I could not believe she and I were just having this candid conversation.  Before I knew it, she was introducing me to her friend, who then introduced me to the next person.  It was great, I was being handed business cards left and right and sadly had none of my own to return to my new acquantances. L 
Again, these women were so open and honest with their feedback regarding my aspirations, it was refreshing and I felt incredibly blessed to be a part of this network.  Fortunately, I was representing with my Zeta pin on my blouse and while we all were setting up to take pictures, the moderator Denise Calloway noticed it and exclaimed, “Are you my Sister of the Dove?” That and the humbling connections that came about made my night!  I did walk away with two lasting lessons:
ONE: NETWORKING is the lifeblood of an entrepreneur. You also have to follow up with new connections.
TWO: GET BUSINESS CARDS! LOL The ol’ *let me get your number and pull out my cellphone* routine is dead.
Peep the pic... I'm the one with the copper 'fro in the back! :)
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UNITYYYYYYYYYY! *Rick James voice*

So I co-chaired NPHC’s Unity Weekend 2011, which is the culmination of year-long planning and a celebration of you guessed it: UNITY amongst all 9 of the Black Greek lettered organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, that also operate under the moniker, the DIVINE 9.
We kicked off the weekend Friday night with Divine Skate 3, the third crack at a skate night at Waukesha Skateland.  Folks came out but not as many as I thought.   It's probably time to retire that event, I suppose.  I don’t skate (stopped after age 9 when I nearly cracked my head in on a field trip) so I was not that excited about that aspect, but I definitely wanted to see my fellow Greeks. The theme was to wear attire that represented what number you represent in your organization and since I’m part of the illustrious force that are the QUADs (#4s) I had to rock yellow.  It was cool to step out of my color box for a couple hours but I took that shirt off with the quickness when I got home. LOL
The Unity Cookout at Lake Park was Saturday and aside from the rain that drowned us out from the beginning hours until about 1:45, it was a nice turnout!  All 9 Greek orgs were represented at the park! I am too proud of us!  We had the Iotas grilling, the infamous moving van called the Q-Haul, a bright gold moving truck, and some so sweet desserts from the Zetas! The highlights in my opinion were the Greek Roll Call and everybody getting on the makeshift stage to do the Wobble! The Ques were deep and ready to hop, too... I'm sad we didn't have a stroll competition.
Now the after party this year to raise scholarship funds was appropriately called THE AFTERPARTY and it took place at the Aloft Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.  The space was eh… modest, but we had it until midnight and access to all the hot spots in the hotel like the patio, the WXYZ Lounge.  It was looking sad til about 10:30 then people were coming from everywhere nonstop, even after11:30 guests were still arriving AND paying knowing we stopped at midnight.  That room got packed and DJ Mike Love rocked it as usual.  Shoutout to the Alphas and SGRho's coming out deep.  All the young Greeks strolling had me reminiscing… I did get out there myself a couple of times. ;)  I deem it a very solid night for NPHC because once again EVERY org was represented!! I love it and it's definitely a mark of what’s to come for the year!
SERVE60’s 2nd Sundays at the Lake occurred the next day and NPHC agreed to attend and volunteer to wrap up the weekend! The goal was to try something different than us barely making it to someone’s church after partying the night before and it certainly was a nice change. Sunday’s beautiful weather coupled with local gospel talent made it a good time!
NPHC- all I have to say is, in words of the Five Heartbeats,
“I’ve got nothing but love for you baby!”
3’s UP!

Big name music comes to the Mil!

For the doubters and naysayers that seem to always have the same old thing to say about Milwaukee, “man, there’s never anything to do!” YOU’RE WRONG!

I’ve been wonderfully blessed to attend some awesome concerts just this summer alone. I attended the Kanye West show at the Marcus Amphitheater at the end of June and I’m still reeling at how breathtaking it was. It was not just a concert, it was a spectacle. First off, I just knew what he was going to come out to… H.A.M. In my mind, that was the song that was going to drive the audience bananas and make us jump up out of our seats. And sure enough, the music to H.A.M. came blaring out and the crowd rose to their feet in droves! Then, this man came out the audience. I was done! Now, anytime somebody wants to take that risk with crazed and hyped fans consuming you, there’s nothing I can say aside from "I hope you have insurance!"
I swooned at the Musiq Soulchild concert on the Briggs & Stratton stage at Summerfest. It happened to fall on the best day of the year… MY BIRTHDAY in early July! He sang a couple of his hits, but what I was mostly excited about was him performing songs from his new album MagiqInTheMusiq which I absolutely adore. Musiq has always been a consistently good artist (he’s the Fabolous of R&B music) so I was geeked at the chance to see him perform live again.
Lastly, the man they call Lil Tunechi himself graced our amphitheater. Yeah, Rick Ross was there and got winded singing only one verse per song… but Lil Wayne is a charismatic show-stopper and I’m so glad I was able to see him perform in his prime. The last time I saw that young man was the Hot Boyz concert and that was hood city. At any rate, I told my boo I knew what song he was going to open with too, I’m Goin In! And sho’nuff, that was his opener and it cracked… HARD! He was very entertaining!

We’ve had Janet ,Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty come this past weekend as a stop on her#1s Tour, the Jersey Boys show was just here (I really want to see a Broadway show) and shucks MC Hammer was at State Fair… so there’s a plethora of big names that come to lil ol’ Milwaukee! Go check them out!

3's UP!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One mo’ day til KANYE!!

Today is the first day of Summerfest!  And guess who I get to see tomorrow?!  
Oh yesssss, Yeeeeeeeezy! 
I am so excited to see Mr. West.  The last Big Gig, I saw Usher for the second time and was blown away.  I’m truly awaiting Kanye’s turn to grace our amphitheater.

My Wishlist of Songs I hope he performs:
Through the Wire – I know, I know.  This song is old as ever but it’s a classic.
Good Morning – Just goes hard… think this is closely my second favorite.
Stronger – This could easily be a Summerfest crowd pleaser plus Daft Punk plain rocks.
His verse from H.A.M.   - *shrug*
I Wonder - This is my SUPER LONG SHOT song.   But it’s my favorite Kanye song, so if he performs it, I would totally cry.
All of the Lights - Great song.  Period.  I know that’s debatable amongst die-hard Kanye fans but it’s currently one of my Nadi G Get Amped pieces.  The classical intro is the ish.
Monster- His verse is freakin sweet and he rides the beat.
Power – I love Dwele… what can I say? LOL But I love how the song builds at the beginning.
Heartless - my only jam from 808s & Heartbreak L
Flashing Lights – Again, I love Dwele. J
Everything I Am – Probably another long shot, but I looooooooooove this song.
Homecoming - And yet another close and personal favorite.
Can’t Tell Me Nothing and/or Good Life – would probably be his wrap up for his Graduation set.
HONORABLE MENTION: Drunk and Hot Girls -- absolutely appropriate for Summerfest, don't you think?  
You probably can tell that I rank Graduation pretty high in my Kanye albums.  Oh welleth.
I hope to let you beautiful people know all about it!
3’s up!

Sex in two cities…

Have you  heard about Urban Dialog with Suzette?  And whyyyyyyy not? J
UD with SZ is a newcomer to the Milwaukee nightlife and it’s a refreshing   one at that.  A veteran in the game in Chicago, your awesome hostess Suzette brings an audience-focused talk show to life.  She does this at Chic Lounge every other Wednesday evening in Milwaukee, while the alternate Wednesdays are done in the Chi.
Now these discussions are NOT,  I repeat  NOT for the faint at heart.  The Box O’ Mystery houses the questions that audience members get to anonymously submit before the Dialog begins.  These questions run the whole gamut of the concerns and inquiries of the urban population.   You’ll hear  “who do you think is the frontrunner for the GOP?” one moment and   “is it cool to duck his sick on the first date?” the next. (I’ll wait while you get that)  We all get to speak out on healthcare, Obama, threesomes, orgasms, education, anal beads… You name it, the box gets it. Nothing is off limits.
Sometimes individuals do allow emotions to get the best of them and some might get on a soapbox with their respective opinion and it turns to your Facebook status gone mad… (which is why I can appreciate the boo coining the term ‘Facebook Live’ one night LOL)  But that is purely the beauty of it, a public forum that gets us talking about issues we tend to shun or not want to speak about openly OR a burning question you had comes to light that somebody else boldly asks.  The atmosphere is mature. It doesn’t turn into shouting matches, although debates can get heated.  Respect is key though and everyone returns to a peaceful state for the discussion to move along.  It’s better than Maury… less the paternity testing.
It’s a good time. Tell a friend and tell that friend to bring a friend.  We can all be friends.
Next UD with SZ is at Chic Lounge on JULY 6th!! THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!  #GOCANCER!

3'S UP!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Now a party ain't a party!

So I’ve debated about whether or not to pen my thoughts about the party I went to at the Frontier Airlines Center… (Boooourns for that name change, Midwest) 
I decided to let my fingers flow on.
Now the All-White Affair presented by TTE was kind of a big deal.  They had the Milwaukee Brewers and Jammin 98.3behind them.  Add that with the celebration of Father’s Day at $20 bucks a pop.  WINNING.
I felt all flushed with feva approaching the site because I was geeked.  I could hear the base emanating from the State St. skywalk.  (I had to walk far, people!)  I saw people in all white on Wisconsin Ave and 4th Street hanging around outside and it was a beautiful Milwaukee night.
Now I get in there about 11:45ish and go upstairs and there are two separate entrances. One for regular folk like myself and then the glamourized VIP entrance… that looked JUST like the regular entrance.  LOL Anyway, if I’m paying VIP money, I want men with big feather fans wafting a sweet breeze my way and hors d'oeuvres and champagne given to me at first sight. But that’s just me. J
I walk in and see all these beautiful black people, and some not so cute ones.  LOL I check the scene and walk around.  The space was so big… In all honesty, after doing my *move through the crowd, let me hug the folks I know* bit, I posted up to survey the entire shindig.  VIP was jumping a little bit but DJ 30 Seconds was on something else.  I only call him DJ 30 Seconds because he would play a banger and cut that mess before it hit 30 seconds. LOL  I think that would explain why the feel IMO was why this was a “lookin’ @$$ party.” Mostly everyone came dressed, except for the man my girl Star pointed out was wearing BLUE jeans.  Not blue jeans, but jeans that were the color BLUE! LMAO…
At any rate, these type of shindigs have the potential of being off the chain. Everybody comes out and is ready to get it in, however if everything doesn’t mesh well, the DJ, the space is too big or intimidating... people tend to end up standing around or copping a seat and just looking at each other.
I still send KUDOS to the men who put on the event.  It takes a LOT, I can’t say it enough… A WHOLE LOT to put on events of this caliber and all in all, it was a good look.  EYE just did not leave  100% party satisfied.  I was at 80. LOL
Next we’ll talk about sex…
3’s up!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OH MY GOD! You're NEVER home!

Okay, so that's not exactly true... Me NEVER being home. I mean really, where would I shower and sleep? *smirk*

But hearing that consistently since my novice socialite days is a pretty sweet badge that I wear proudly.  How else would I be able to be out and about, expose myself and my people to the ins and outs of the Mil-town.

I remember I used to be so offended by that crap.  "Girl, you're everywhere!" "Dude, you're always out..." because I thought people must be smoking that good stuff if they thought I don't do ANYTHING with my life besides go out.  No one knows about the side that sits at home watching my favorite DVDs on repeat (40 Year Old Virgin and Tropic Thunder are even better the 102nd time around) or who likes to sit at the crib and write, listen to my music cranked up, or go just lay up by my aunt's when I need to recharge.

Then I said to myself, "Self, you have a rather active online persona and people DO see you out and about!" My socialite side shines through the endless posts and pics on FB, Twitter and Foursquare (which gets the official Nadi G CRACKIN' Award for Best App).  I indeed promote that piece of me and must have sold it pretty damn well.  I love getting those texts or calls from my friends "What's poppin tonight in the Mil?!" or my people that come into town "What's to do in YOUR city?"  It's feels pretty good to know I'm a good source of social scene knowledge.  This IS my city! :D

I don't have any legal dependents just yet and I'm a busy body, so I get out... alot.  IT'S WHAT I DO. Period.  Try it sometime! You'll love it! :) Plus who wants to be Mayor of their own house...uhhh you live there, don't you? (Foursquare reference for those trying to catch up)

Okay, still thinking on that post about the White Party...

3's UP...

Back at it.

You probably thought this blog was dead and gone.  I'm coming back folks... I promise.

I'm making a vow to do posts twice a week.  If I don't, uhhhh, I'll give you the shirt off my back.

Wait. Maybe not the shirt I'm wearing now but the one I wore yesterday.  Yeah. That's it.

I really want to do a post about that White Party I went to this weekend.  I don't know if yall ready though.

3's up!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I gotta fight every night to prove my love

Welllllllllllllllllllllllll obviously...*Antoine Dobson voice* (shoutout to my number 5, Maya) I've been socializing like nobody's business lately that I haven't been able to sit and write a post of substance.  But I'm back!

I hosted a very successful second installment of Lavish Events 1st Fridays at Chic Lounge on January 7th...  We had such a blast!  My birthday hostesses Tasha, Kanika, Rachel annnnnnnd Shardae brought out some real party people and we definitely got it in. The crowd was the perfect tandem of maturity and enthusiasm that I wanted to see at my events!  I hope that they felt like I did them justice because I am quite proud of myself and DJ Mike Love for bringing this vision to fruition.  Now on to February 4th!!! And it's a Blue and White edition too! Like Boosie says... "It's exciting!"

After I wrapped up at Chic with 1st Fridays that night, I went to Kouture II presented by the men of Kappa Alpha Psi to show some love at their founders' day celebration.  Remember kids: 2011 is the year of reciprocity!  It was stupid packed in Saketumi... I know they made booku money. There were plenty of baby Kappas in the building and a good number of the seasoned ones, too but the music was bumpin and I had my 44 North on deck.  For those who truly know me, we know that's the Drink Of Champions in my book. :)

If my memory serves right, (I don't remember what happened yesterday if I think too hard) I went to Fuego that weekend to support a Kyesha Outheregrindin and Dee Reezy production...DJ Mister Martin was on the 1s and 2s and it was crackin in there, but Fuego is too much club for me.  I'm at that age where I need a chair near by or in sight so that I can dance, sit, dance, dance sit some more, then dance again.

Now to bring things current!  My wonderful family of Zeta Phi Beta Sigma hosted our annual Shades of Blue Scholarship Gala on January 15th.  The host chapters Kappa Beta Zeta of ZPhiB and the Sigma men of Delta Xi Sigma created a lovely affair at the Milwaukee Public Market's upper level.  The honoree of the evening was Alderman and Bro. Ashanti Hamilton.  My Sorors and Frat looked stunning and I wasn't too shabby myself with my blue Oprah-esque dress that I wore.  Frat DJ Mister Martin helped make it a party when we hit the dance floor!  Shades of Blue was such a beautiful commemoration of the founding of our orgs! I'm so glad it's back! As an undergrad, we loved this time of year, getting dressed up and coming together and it felt good to experience that again.  After SoB, the party didn't stop, folks hung out at HiLo Martini Lounge and got it in some more. 

Today, I went to MUEA's 3rd Thursdays Networking Mixer at Chic in collaboration with the Milw. Urban League Young Professionals.   A good mix of professionals were in the building.  I finally met the other infamous owner of Chic, Craig!  Yesssssss!  He was a delight.  Tony Reese and Kwabena kept the crowd lively and I got a couple shout outs for my NFC Championship Game Party this Sunday! No complaints from me!!

This weekend will be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge... I've got several stops to make and I'm excited to make my rounds in the Mil starting tomorrow.  Hyde Bar to support my frats' event, BLUE... a birthday party for my homie Angelique and MUEA's Birthday Honors.  Can we say ya girl should be wearing flats?! LOL

At any rate, if you love the Packers or just love football or you just love being around people who love football, be at Chic for the Packers vs. dem wack Bears on Sunday!  Doors open at noon! Kick off is at 2pm!  Halftime performance by the legendary Mike Love!


3s UP! M-town down!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ever get that itch...?

Y'all know what I'm talking about. That unnerving itch to just get into something...  to be out somewhere so that you can prevent your whole night from being a bust or feel like you wasted a perfectly good outfit. 

I had that itch tonight since I didn't make it out to celebrate with the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi last night for their 100th year of existence.  Congratulations K A Psi!!

But back to my itch... I had to scratch it and of all nights it had to be a freakin Thursday night.  That means there were several options to choose from.  So, I narrowed my choices to the encore presentation of the Funny First Sundays going on at Comedy Cafe that I felt like checking out and Cigarette Break performing at ONE Sports Lounge on 3rd.

Since I hadn't been to Comedy Cafe in yeaaaaaaaars, I opted for the Cigarette Break event.  Deemed the "Livest Band in the City" and they have no arguments from me, they performed earlier in the evening and had some vocalists mixed in as well.  I missed all that since I didn't get to ONE until midnight, but I know that Cigarette Break did not disappoint. 

Like I said, I came in on the back end of the event, but it was still just as live.  Got a drink in a record 15 minutes(I cannot complain since the bar was a bit crowded) and I was able to talk to my guy, Tim Ricketts of Cigarette Break and tell him it was a nice vibe in there.  I saw my old running buddy from Poetry Unplugged, John, my girl Kyesha, Arleta, DJ Infotek and met some more musicians since they had another band there who play at Soulful Wednesdays. 

All in all, it was a good look and I'm definitely glad to have stepped out this evening.  I expected to see a lot more familiar faces but I'm very pleased with seeing new ones.  A young musician I met tonight said he hardly goes out because of that very same reason -- seeing the SAME people over and over.  That's the sentiment of a lot of people I know and myself at times.  I think the social scene is all about reciprocity.  Folks underestimate the power of attending an event... people appreciate when you come out!! Your support whether it's by paying a cover, visiting the bar a couple of times means a lot.  Putting on an event takes a great deal of work and maybe it's just the SAME people who recognize that.  You can always cater to these loyal supporters (that's what we call for-sure money)  but unless you're willing to change and adapt and capture new faces,  folks will eventually get tired and stop coming.  Meanwhile, if I come to your event and spend my money, I'm hoping to see you at mine when I extend an invitation, right?  Wrong.. wrong! *Charlie Murphy voice*  That unfortunately is lacking, but the bright side is there is room for progression, always will be!

P.S. Whose ever iPod that was playing at ONE was banging! 

P.P.S.  I'm so excited for 1ST FRIDAYS at Chic Lounge tomorrow!!!  Go Team Lavish! 7pm -midnight Kanika, LaTasha, Rachel and Shardae' are celebrating!  It's gon be a party yall! *Keith Murray voice*

3's UP!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Am I To Say?

Hello and welcome!

It's the new year and guess what?! I finally did it.  Exactly 7 months ago, I had this keen idea to start this unheard of thing called a blog and I pushed myself to just sit down and just do it. 

What else can I say... I'm on it! 

At any rate, I'm hoping you've checked the profile picture and read the blogspot title... And to answer your question, of course there are black people in Milwaukee, WI!! A lot of us to be exact.  I'm always into something so I thought, "why not put my rants and raves about what I see, love, like, dislike and absolutely cannot stand about the social scene of my wonderful hometown, Brew City?

Now to be totally ironic, I spent my New Year's Eve in a little suburb of Chicago called Oakbrook, IL... Shout out to Luxury by Design and their Red Carpet Diamond Affair!  Now if these folks know how to let it all hang out and get down then what the hell is wrong with us Milwaukeeans? I'm not saying we don't know how to get it in, but I was actually anticipating this breath of fresh air partying in another city...  to see what jolt of excitement I can bring back to the city.  I got to see people just kick it and it was all love!  Man, I've got some ideas for NYE 2012! :) Anyway,  I type all this to say, I'm ready for something different so I'm definitely taking my adventures to newer heights and will be experiencing more of what the Mil has to offer. 

I also decided to throw my hat in the ring with planning more events of my own from start to finish!  I'm using what and who I know to build a name for my event-planning venture Lavish Events. I kicked off my venture with an event called 1ST FRIDAYS with DJ Mike Love in my corner in early December with a very warm and sweet reception by my dear friends and supporters.  I'm excited for the next installment at Chic Lounge once again this Friday, January 7 so, wish me luck!

I just know that I've seen a lot, and I mean A LOT in my 10+ years on the scene.  I have a deep-rooted love for Milwaukee and I just want to see us strive to do better and bring an unmatched quality to those who love to frequent the nightlife or even those who come peek their heads out every once in a while.  So, who am I to say that can happen... I don't know, I'm just a Milwaukee Socialite ;)

3s UP!