Thursday, January 20, 2011

I gotta fight every night to prove my love

Welllllllllllllllllllllllll obviously...*Antoine Dobson voice* (shoutout to my number 5, Maya) I've been socializing like nobody's business lately that I haven't been able to sit and write a post of substance.  But I'm back!

I hosted a very successful second installment of Lavish Events 1st Fridays at Chic Lounge on January 7th...  We had such a blast!  My birthday hostesses Tasha, Kanika, Rachel annnnnnnd Shardae brought out some real party people and we definitely got it in. The crowd was the perfect tandem of maturity and enthusiasm that I wanted to see at my events!  I hope that they felt like I did them justice because I am quite proud of myself and DJ Mike Love for bringing this vision to fruition.  Now on to February 4th!!! And it's a Blue and White edition too! Like Boosie says... "It's exciting!"

After I wrapped up at Chic with 1st Fridays that night, I went to Kouture II presented by the men of Kappa Alpha Psi to show some love at their founders' day celebration.  Remember kids: 2011 is the year of reciprocity!  It was stupid packed in Saketumi... I know they made booku money. There were plenty of baby Kappas in the building and a good number of the seasoned ones, too but the music was bumpin and I had my 44 North on deck.  For those who truly know me, we know that's the Drink Of Champions in my book. :)

If my memory serves right, (I don't remember what happened yesterday if I think too hard) I went to Fuego that weekend to support a Kyesha Outheregrindin and Dee Reezy production...DJ Mister Martin was on the 1s and 2s and it was crackin in there, but Fuego is too much club for me.  I'm at that age where I need a chair near by or in sight so that I can dance, sit, dance, dance sit some more, then dance again.

Now to bring things current!  My wonderful family of Zeta Phi Beta Sigma hosted our annual Shades of Blue Scholarship Gala on January 15th.  The host chapters Kappa Beta Zeta of ZPhiB and the Sigma men of Delta Xi Sigma created a lovely affair at the Milwaukee Public Market's upper level.  The honoree of the evening was Alderman and Bro. Ashanti Hamilton.  My Sorors and Frat looked stunning and I wasn't too shabby myself with my blue Oprah-esque dress that I wore.  Frat DJ Mister Martin helped make it a party when we hit the dance floor!  Shades of Blue was such a beautiful commemoration of the founding of our orgs! I'm so glad it's back! As an undergrad, we loved this time of year, getting dressed up and coming together and it felt good to experience that again.  After SoB, the party didn't stop, folks hung out at HiLo Martini Lounge and got it in some more. 

Today, I went to MUEA's 3rd Thursdays Networking Mixer at Chic in collaboration with the Milw. Urban League Young Professionals.   A good mix of professionals were in the building.  I finally met the other infamous owner of Chic, Craig!  Yesssssss!  He was a delight.  Tony Reese and Kwabena kept the crowd lively and I got a couple shout outs for my NFC Championship Game Party this Sunday! No complaints from me!!

This weekend will be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge... I've got several stops to make and I'm excited to make my rounds in the Mil starting tomorrow.  Hyde Bar to support my frats' event, BLUE... a birthday party for my homie Angelique and MUEA's Birthday Honors.  Can we say ya girl should be wearing flats?! LOL

At any rate, if you love the Packers or just love football or you just love being around people who love football, be at Chic for the Packers vs. dem wack Bears on Sunday!  Doors open at noon! Kick off is at 2pm!  Halftime performance by the legendary Mike Love!


3s UP! M-town down!

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