Friday, January 7, 2011

Ever get that itch...?

Y'all know what I'm talking about. That unnerving itch to just get into something...  to be out somewhere so that you can prevent your whole night from being a bust or feel like you wasted a perfectly good outfit. 

I had that itch tonight since I didn't make it out to celebrate with the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi last night for their 100th year of existence.  Congratulations K A Psi!!

But back to my itch... I had to scratch it and of all nights it had to be a freakin Thursday night.  That means there were several options to choose from.  So, I narrowed my choices to the encore presentation of the Funny First Sundays going on at Comedy Cafe that I felt like checking out and Cigarette Break performing at ONE Sports Lounge on 3rd.

Since I hadn't been to Comedy Cafe in yeaaaaaaaars, I opted for the Cigarette Break event.  Deemed the "Livest Band in the City" and they have no arguments from me, they performed earlier in the evening and had some vocalists mixed in as well.  I missed all that since I didn't get to ONE until midnight, but I know that Cigarette Break did not disappoint. 

Like I said, I came in on the back end of the event, but it was still just as live.  Got a drink in a record 15 minutes(I cannot complain since the bar was a bit crowded) and I was able to talk to my guy, Tim Ricketts of Cigarette Break and tell him it was a nice vibe in there.  I saw my old running buddy from Poetry Unplugged, John, my girl Kyesha, Arleta, DJ Infotek and met some more musicians since they had another band there who play at Soulful Wednesdays. 

All in all, it was a good look and I'm definitely glad to have stepped out this evening.  I expected to see a lot more familiar faces but I'm very pleased with seeing new ones.  A young musician I met tonight said he hardly goes out because of that very same reason -- seeing the SAME people over and over.  That's the sentiment of a lot of people I know and myself at times.  I think the social scene is all about reciprocity.  Folks underestimate the power of attending an event... people appreciate when you come out!! Your support whether it's by paying a cover, visiting the bar a couple of times means a lot.  Putting on an event takes a great deal of work and maybe it's just the SAME people who recognize that.  You can always cater to these loyal supporters (that's what we call for-sure money)  but unless you're willing to change and adapt and capture new faces,  folks will eventually get tired and stop coming.  Meanwhile, if I come to your event and spend my money, I'm hoping to see you at mine when I extend an invitation, right?  Wrong.. wrong! *Charlie Murphy voice*  That unfortunately is lacking, but the bright side is there is room for progression, always will be!

P.S. Whose ever iPod that was playing at ONE was banging! 

P.P.S.  I'm so excited for 1ST FRIDAYS at Chic Lounge tomorrow!!!  Go Team Lavish! 7pm -midnight Kanika, LaTasha, Rachel and Shardae' are celebrating!  It's gon be a party yall! *Keith Murray voice*

3's UP!

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