Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Am I To Say?

Hello and welcome!

It's the new year and guess what?! I finally did it.  Exactly 7 months ago, I had this keen idea to start this unheard of thing called a blog and I pushed myself to just sit down and just do it. 

What else can I say... I'm on it! 

At any rate, I'm hoping you've checked the profile picture and read the blogspot title... And to answer your question, of course there are black people in Milwaukee, WI!! A lot of us to be exact.  I'm always into something so I thought, "why not put my rants and raves about what I see, love, like, dislike and absolutely cannot stand about the social scene of my wonderful hometown, Brew City?

Now to be totally ironic, I spent my New Year's Eve in a little suburb of Chicago called Oakbrook, IL... Shout out to Luxury by Design and their Red Carpet Diamond Affair!  Now if these folks know how to let it all hang out and get down then what the hell is wrong with us Milwaukeeans? I'm not saying we don't know how to get it in, but I was actually anticipating this breath of fresh air partying in another city...  to see what jolt of excitement I can bring back to the city.  I got to see people just kick it and it was all love!  Man, I've got some ideas for NYE 2012! :) Anyway,  I type all this to say, I'm ready for something different so I'm definitely taking my adventures to newer heights and will be experiencing more of what the Mil has to offer. 

I also decided to throw my hat in the ring with planning more events of my own from start to finish!  I'm using what and who I know to build a name for my event-planning venture Lavish Events. I kicked off my venture with an event called 1ST FRIDAYS with DJ Mike Love in my corner in early December with a very warm and sweet reception by my dear friends and supporters.  I'm excited for the next installment at Chic Lounge once again this Friday, January 7 so, wish me luck!

I just know that I've seen a lot, and I mean A LOT in my 10+ years on the scene.  I have a deep-rooted love for Milwaukee and I just want to see us strive to do better and bring an unmatched quality to those who love to frequent the nightlife or even those who come peek their heads out every once in a while.  So, who am I to say that can happen... I don't know, I'm just a Milwaukee Socialite ;)

3s UP!

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  1. I am glad that you are taking on this venture. When I first moved to Milwaukee, I figured since it was so close to Chicago it would be socially crackin'. I'm not saying it doesn't have its moments, but like you said there are black people here and having more than one social outlet that may bring out different crowds of people would be refreshing.

    Much Love, Sis - Keep it 120!!!