Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One mo’ day til KANYE!!

Today is the first day of Summerfest!  And guess who I get to see tomorrow?!  
Oh yesssss, Yeeeeeeeezy! 
I am so excited to see Mr. West.  The last Big Gig, I saw Usher for the second time and was blown away.  I’m truly awaiting Kanye’s turn to grace our amphitheater.

My Wishlist of Songs I hope he performs:
Through the Wire – I know, I know.  This song is old as ever but it’s a classic.
Good Morning – Just goes hard… think this is closely my second favorite.
Stronger – This could easily be a Summerfest crowd pleaser plus Daft Punk plain rocks.
His verse from H.A.M.   - *shrug*
I Wonder - This is my SUPER LONG SHOT song.   But it’s my favorite Kanye song, so if he performs it, I would totally cry.
All of the Lights - Great song.  Period.  I know that’s debatable amongst die-hard Kanye fans but it’s currently one of my Nadi G Get Amped pieces.  The classical intro is the ish.
Monster- His verse is freakin sweet and he rides the beat.
Power – I love Dwele… what can I say? LOL But I love how the song builds at the beginning.
Heartless - my only jam from 808s & Heartbreak L
Flashing Lights – Again, I love Dwele. J
Everything I Am – Probably another long shot, but I looooooooooove this song.
Homecoming - And yet another close and personal favorite.
Can’t Tell Me Nothing and/or Good Life – would probably be his wrap up for his Graduation set.
HONORABLE MENTION: Drunk and Hot Girls -- absolutely appropriate for Summerfest, don't you think?  
You probably can tell that I rank Graduation pretty high in my Kanye albums.  Oh welleth.
I hope to let you beautiful people know all about it!
3’s up!

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