Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sex in two cities…

Have you  heard about Urban Dialog with Suzette?  And whyyyyyyy not? J
UD with SZ is a newcomer to the Milwaukee nightlife and it’s a refreshing   one at that.  A veteran in the game in Chicago, your awesome hostess Suzette brings an audience-focused talk show to life.  She does this at Chic Lounge every other Wednesday evening in Milwaukee, while the alternate Wednesdays are done in the Chi.
Now these discussions are NOT,  I repeat  NOT for the faint at heart.  The Box O’ Mystery houses the questions that audience members get to anonymously submit before the Dialog begins.  These questions run the whole gamut of the concerns and inquiries of the urban population.   You’ll hear  “who do you think is the frontrunner for the GOP?” one moment and   “is it cool to duck his sick on the first date?” the next. (I’ll wait while you get that)  We all get to speak out on healthcare, Obama, threesomes, orgasms, education, anal beads… You name it, the box gets it. Nothing is off limits.
Sometimes individuals do allow emotions to get the best of them and some might get on a soapbox with their respective opinion and it turns to your Facebook status gone mad… (which is why I can appreciate the boo coining the term ‘Facebook Live’ one night LOL)  But that is purely the beauty of it, a public forum that gets us talking about issues we tend to shun or not want to speak about openly OR a burning question you had comes to light that somebody else boldly asks.  The atmosphere is mature. It doesn’t turn into shouting matches, although debates can get heated.  Respect is key though and everyone returns to a peaceful state for the discussion to move along.  It’s better than Maury… less the paternity testing.
It’s a good time. Tell a friend and tell that friend to bring a friend.  We can all be friends.
Next UD with SZ is at Chic Lounge on JULY 6th!! THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!  #GOCANCER!

3'S UP!!

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