Thursday, June 23, 2011

Now a party ain't a party!

So I’ve debated about whether or not to pen my thoughts about the party I went to at the Frontier Airlines Center… (Boooourns for that name change, Midwest) 
I decided to let my fingers flow on.
Now the All-White Affair presented by TTE was kind of a big deal.  They had the Milwaukee Brewers and Jammin 98.3behind them.  Add that with the celebration of Father’s Day at $20 bucks a pop.  WINNING.
I felt all flushed with feva approaching the site because I was geeked.  I could hear the base emanating from the State St. skywalk.  (I had to walk far, people!)  I saw people in all white on Wisconsin Ave and 4th Street hanging around outside and it was a beautiful Milwaukee night.
Now I get in there about 11:45ish and go upstairs and there are two separate entrances. One for regular folk like myself and then the glamourized VIP entrance… that looked JUST like the regular entrance.  LOL Anyway, if I’m paying VIP money, I want men with big feather fans wafting a sweet breeze my way and hors d'oeuvres and champagne given to me at first sight. But that’s just me. J
I walk in and see all these beautiful black people, and some not so cute ones.  LOL I check the scene and walk around.  The space was so big… In all honesty, after doing my *move through the crowd, let me hug the folks I know* bit, I posted up to survey the entire shindig.  VIP was jumping a little bit but DJ 30 Seconds was on something else.  I only call him DJ 30 Seconds because he would play a banger and cut that mess before it hit 30 seconds. LOL  I think that would explain why the feel IMO was why this was a “lookin’ @$$ party.” Mostly everyone came dressed, except for the man my girl Star pointed out was wearing BLUE jeans.  Not blue jeans, but jeans that were the color BLUE! LMAO…
At any rate, these type of shindigs have the potential of being off the chain. Everybody comes out and is ready to get it in, however if everything doesn’t mesh well, the DJ, the space is too big or intimidating... people tend to end up standing around or copping a seat and just looking at each other.
I still send KUDOS to the men who put on the event.  It takes a LOT, I can’t say it enough… A WHOLE LOT to put on events of this caliber and all in all, it was a good look.  EYE just did not leave  100% party satisfied.  I was at 80. LOL
Next we’ll talk about sex…
3’s up!

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