Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OH MY GOD! You're NEVER home!

Okay, so that's not exactly true... Me NEVER being home. I mean really, where would I shower and sleep? *smirk*

But hearing that consistently since my novice socialite days is a pretty sweet badge that I wear proudly.  How else would I be able to be out and about, expose myself and my people to the ins and outs of the Mil-town.

I remember I used to be so offended by that crap.  "Girl, you're everywhere!" "Dude, you're always out..." because I thought people must be smoking that good stuff if they thought I don't do ANYTHING with my life besides go out.  No one knows about the side that sits at home watching my favorite DVDs on repeat (40 Year Old Virgin and Tropic Thunder are even better the 102nd time around) or who likes to sit at the crib and write, listen to my music cranked up, or go just lay up by my aunt's when I need to recharge.

Then I said to myself, "Self, you have a rather active online persona and people DO see you out and about!" My socialite side shines through the endless posts and pics on FB, Twitter and Foursquare (which gets the official Nadi G CRACKIN' Award for Best App).  I indeed promote that piece of me and must have sold it pretty damn well.  I love getting those texts or calls from my friends "What's poppin tonight in the Mil?!" or my people that come into town "What's to do in YOUR city?"  It's feels pretty good to know I'm a good source of social scene knowledge.  This IS my city! :D

I don't have any legal dependents just yet and I'm a busy body, so I get out... alot.  IT'S WHAT I DO. Period.  Try it sometime! You'll love it! :) Plus who wants to be Mayor of their own house...uhhh you live there, don't you? (Foursquare reference for those trying to catch up)

Okay, still thinking on that post about the White Party...

3's UP...

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